The CEAD (Creative Entertainers and Distributors) Film Consultancy is a film consultancy firm set up by Dr.G. Dhananjayan with a team of film industry experts, to offer consultancy on many aspects of film business, based on their experience in the film industry for over two decades.

CEAD Film Consultancy team has advised producers, directors, writers, actors, technicians, distributors, financiers (both individuals and groups) as well as advertisers on film and media business and opportunities over the years. Our consulting service shall range from simple one-to-one advice to assembling, executing, marketing and distributing big budget projects.

Our film consultancy covers every aspect of film business: From development of script to production, distribution, sales, marketing, and even providing help in securing funding, business structure and film festival strategy.

CEAD Film Consultancy shall work for the interest of clients, who have availed their services and will specialize in advising and providing services in the fields of Content/Script Development, Financing, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Marketing, Remake Rights Exploitation, Publicity, Distribution, Sales, Legal matters and Revenue maximisation.

Initially CEAD Film Consultancy shall provide its services relating to Tamil film industry. Soon, it will offer its consultancy on Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada film industries by roping in experts from these industries.