Budgeting and Evaluation of Commercial Viability

CEAD Film Consultancy team shall evaluate a project’s creative and financial package and provide comparative revenue analysis (for a similar kind of film) so that the Producer and Director take a judicial call on the budget that is viable and less risky. Though the film business per se is risky, CEAD Film Consultancy shall help the producers to minimize the risk through various suggestions.

The key deliverable in this activity will be Subject Vs Budget evaluation. Our team shall carry out the evaluation of the budget based on the subject and cast and crew and give its feedback on the commercial viability of the same for the Producer to take the call. Our team shall also help in re-working on the budget through various cost cutting measures and changes in the script and filmmaking with the involvement of the Director, with a view to meet the target of the Producer to make a film in a specific budget.

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