First Copy Production Execution

CEAD Film Consultancy based on their excellent production execution experience for over two decades with a strong team backup, can also carry out First copy execution of a script finalized by the clients. New Producers, who have no prior experience in film production can avail this opportunity and enter film production using our end-to-end first copy production execution service. The Producers can also work alongside our team to learn the nuances of film production without worrying about how to complete the film within the budget agreed, which shall be the primary responsibility of CEAD Team.

In this case CEAD shall involve right from finalizing the cast and crew, budgeting, pre-production, production, post-production and submitting the final copy of the film with censor to the client. The client need not have any office set up or team for this. The entire responsibility of translating the script finalized by the client into a film shall be the responsibility of CEAD Film Consultancy. This first copy production execution shall be carried out for a fixed fee or for a percentage of the budget of the film.

The client can carry out the marketing, publicity, distribution and sales activity on their own or seek the support of CEAD Film Consultancy for an additional consideration.

This end to end production execution with proper accounting shall be carried out by CEAD Film Consultancy for films with a minimum budget of Rs.3 crore and above.

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