Funding Opportunities and Support

The most crucial aspect of film production is organizing the funding. CEAD Film Consultancy will leverage its contacts to support the clients in funding the film, through various methods. The funding may be organized through

  • Traditional funding
  • Collateral funding, based on collaterals available
  • Corporate funding, based on collaterals available
  • Gap/Leveraged funding (based on the pre-sales of certain rights achieved)
  • Crowd funding guidance

The funding support shall be offered to producers based on the investment capacity, credit worthiness and track record of the clients.

In addition, those who have funding/investment capacity from across the globe, can also enroll our services to fund projects with guaranteed returns on their investment. We will guide such investors on where to invest (which film project) and shall follow through with proper documentation and ensure the investments are obtained back as per the agreement.

CEAD Film Consultancy thus shall offer funding opportunities for those who are seeking investment in their projects and also to those who are keen to invest in right film projects.

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