CEAD Film Consultancy shall provide marketing and publicity services to achieve maximum visibility for the film. A good marketing and publicity campaign shall be designed, executed and delivered to the Producer to attract more buyers for the film.

Our Marketing and Publicity activity shall cover 1) Traditional media (TV, Press, Radio) and 2) New Age media (Social media and various digital media). Effective use of new age media to minimize the cost in traditional media shall be the goal of our team. We will be bringing out strategic campaigns suiting the film’s theme (e.g. Kolaigaran’s campaign paying tribute to Suspense Thrillers of 30 years and Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban’s campaign of linking the past incidents of police brutality to the film’s theme) to create necessary curiosity and interest in the film and enhance the business appeal.

CEAD shall offer the services of a popular PRO (Public Relation Officer) Mr. Nikkil Murugan, who will ensure the film gets complete support from all media through his service.

CEAD shall follow a personal, integrated, innovative, and versatile approach in designing the marketing and publicity strategy for the film, that delivers what is required for the film from its commencement till release.

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