Project Designing

An important part of filmmaking is Project Designing. Project designing involves, evaluating a story, suggesting the cast, crew, budget and business viability and guiding in executing the project. CEAD Film Consultancy with its experience for two decades is ready to offer the project designing service to Producers and Filmmakers. Under this, we shall ensure the right cast and crew, suggest the right budget and explain the commercial viability of a project for the story finalized by the Producer and also guide in executing the project within that budget.

Project designing is different from First Copy Production Execution where the entire responsibility is on CEAD from script to final copy of the film. In this case, CEAD shall be only involved in designing the project and guiding the team in executing the project on their own. However, if the Producer is keen, CEAD can convert this project designing assignment into First Copy Production Execution after the project is designed.

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