Script Evaluation/Doctoring/Development

CEAD offers producers, filmmakers and screenwriters personalized guidance through each stage of script development. Our services shall include script evaluation, script doctoring and script consultation. Script Evaluation shall include the scope of the script to work commercially, Script Doctoring shall involve making changes in the script to make it more appealing and increasing its success possibility. Our services shall also include Film Doctoring if the rough copy of the film is ready. CEAD team shall watch the rough copy and bring in the needed corrections to make the film stronger and better.

CEAD Team will work as a Script Doctor or Script Consultant to polish specific aspects of it, including structure, characterization, dialogue, pacing, theme, and other elements to make it more appealing and increase its overall merit. The key focus of the script consulting shall be on: Assessing scripts strengths and weaknesses, Commercial viability and marketability of the project as it is, Genre and Tone appeal and its limitations in the market, Casting review and recommendations for better marketability, Plot and Maintaining Dramatic Action in the screenplay, Character Architecture, Character Consistency and Character Novelty, Dialogue and Scene Structure, Screenplay Format Problems and Suggestions.

Our objective is to provide producers, filmmakers and screenplay writers constructive feedback on the screenplay, which may help them get a comprehensive understanding of their script and to work with them collaboratively in order to maximize the script’s creative and commercial potential.

CEAD Film Consultancy team shall consist of writers and filmmakers, who will function as Script Doctors and will go through the script in detail and give their views on what works and what does not and come up with suggestions on improvements and changes to make it stronger. The team shall also provide Film doctoring support once the film is ready.

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