Invest Rs.3 Crore in a film but Earn only Rs.3 Lakhs*

Common scenario today for most new producers. How to Avoid such situations?

Every year, over 200 new films are releasing in Tamil cinema and out of them 125 to 150 fail to even collect 10-20% of their investment. Out of over 125 new film producers and directors, who enter the industry every year, barely 2 or 3 succeed commercially and continue in film business. Rest go out of the industry and suffer in losses.

What is really the issue and why the failure rate is so high especially from new comers?

New producers and directors, who are failing in large numbers in Tamil film industry are led by passion and glamour than reason, logic and purpose with no clear knowledge on what works with the audience and what does not and the real market potential for their films. Out of the 125 to 150 films, which failed to earn its revenue, not even 5 films can be said as worthy to have succeeded. Balance films should have been made after considerable thought and analysis. If that was done, it would have saved crores of rupees for its Producers. A review and analysis of the 99% of the films that failed indicates that they had least chances of success due to their poor script, screenplay, cast and crew, making and understanding of the film economics.

Is there something anyone can do? Can we reduce the number of failures in the industry and increase the success rate? Can we at least make an attempt in that direction to save the film industry from such large number of failures?


CEAD Film Consultancy is formed with the aim of saving the glamour seeking, passionate Producers and Filmmakers from their impending failure, by bringing to them what should be done to avoid failure with the film they are planning to make and guide them in proper direction.

* ரூ.3 கோடி செலவு; ரூ.3 லட்சம் வரவு: டெல்லி கணேஷ் குமுறல் (An interview by Popular Actor Delhi Ganesh) :

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